Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Goodbye YouTube

I went to record a new YouTube vlog last night--I try'd three times but none of the videos wou'd process. Above the video image was a message from YouTube saying that after January 16th they wou'd no longer upload videos recorded directly on YouTube with webcams. You have to record the video in some other fashion and then upload it. I tried twice to record videos on the computer and then upload them at both YouTube and Facebook, & they would not. Now, when something because drearily complicated, I quit, my interest in trying fades to zero. It was so easy just to go on YouTube and click "Record" and make a video there, and such fun to do so when I had guests such as S. T. Joshi. Now that YouTube has made the entire thing so difficult--difficult, at least, for computer-clueless yobs like me--I ain't gonna try. It has been great fun, and I have recorded over 680 vlogs on YouTube--very few of which I have deleted. I want to thank the many of you who have visited my YouTube channel and watch'd my lunacy there. The channel will stay up, of course, but there will be no new videos hereafter.


  1. Ahhh! No! This cannot stand to pass. If you need help I (or many others, no doubt), can assist you, dear Wilum! Your love of Weird Fiction and books in general is infectious, and it'd be a great blow to the community to see that cease.

    Hit me up on Facebook sometime and let me know how they want you to format it now. I will do what I can to sort it out and make it easier for you.

  2. Dear Wilum, your vlogs are such a joy. They brighten many a weary day (and night). If there is any way of someone like Blaine helping you keep going on Youtube (or somesuch that a computer socially unsavvy like me is unaware of) then please keep going. All the best for Yule. G. ;-)=

    1. Many thanx. It's all too complicated for me. I tried to record on my laptop and then upload ye video to Facebook, and got two messages about why I wasn't allow'd to. I'll just try to be more active here, where I can still be quite a chatterbox...

  3. How sad how sad. This is an unusually dark day for Lovecraftians.

  4. dear wilum,

    i don't think you realise how fond your fans are of your vlogs. if lovecraft was alive and posting on youtube and suddenly decided to stop imagine how bereft you would feel. and for many people you are the closest they will ever come to e'ch-pi-el. it's also the best way for you to plug books - both yours and those of others. i've bought many books after viewing your vlogs. so if not for altruistic reasons then try for self interested ones.

  5. I can still promote books--my own and those of writers I admire--here on me blog. So I'm not vanishing or anything like that. And if people miss my vlogs they can go watch ye old ones--of which they have over 680 to choose from!