David Bowie - Lazarus

I cannot watch this video, or listen to this song, without feeling ye chilly kiss o' Death. Ye idea of death has never disturb'd me until Bowie's sudden demise. I don't understand the effect of this artost's death on my psyche, but it has been profound. Perhaps because I am 64 years of age, a mere five year younger than Bowie. I am not often reminded of my old age except for the sometimes intense pain from my arthritis. Of course, when I gaze into the bathroom mirror while applying my makeup, I see an old geezer. I sometimes hear a scolding voice inside me mug, "What the hell are you doing, trying to look punk at your age." But then I hear the voice of Quentin Crisp: "I will tell you the advantage of growing old. As it's toward the end of the run, you can overact appallingly." Yet even the joys of being a drama queen grow old. 

And so I look at that image of David Bowie on his aesthetic death bed, looking like a blind man trying to find his way out of mortal existence--and I see that this magnificent human being remain'd an Artist until his very last days. And that is something I can try to apply to mine own existence, for however long I breathe, for however long I am able to write my fiction and therein express the hauntings of my antique soul.



  1. Dear Wilum, we are all artists of our own invention. You are an artist of a particularly wonderful variety in that your mythos of Sesqua Valley lives and breathes and will live on. There are thongs that each of us create which will remain our legacy to this incredibly weird Life. We are all like David Bowie in that we constantly re-invent our stories from moment to moment. I for one am eternally grateful for your poetry and prose for it offers a gracefulness and delicacy in decadence to the horror genre sadly lacking in much I see on the shelves these (or indeed earlier) days. From Emily Bronte -
    "...Yet as my swift days near their goal
    'Tis all that I implore:
    In life and death a chainless soul
    With courage to endure."
    You have such dignity, hold your punk head high! All the best, G ;-)=


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