Monday, May 30, 2016

Great Week-end!

It has been a great and productive week-end. My newest short story, written for an anthology of tales set in ye Punktown world of Jeffrey Thomas, has just been accepted. My other new story, set in New York's Red Hook district, has also been accepted for a forthcoming anthology. I don't write that many urban horror stories, but I really enjoy'd working on these. I made one major error in my Punktown tale, by giving a Choom rows of needle-sharp fangs--so as ye can see in ye illo there, they don't have fangs at all. 
I'm still having trouble getting into ye swing of writing stories for my next two books--a collection of Clarh Ashton Smith-inspired stories that I will be working on with Henry Vester (each of us writing our own individual tales) and new stories for a second Enoch Coffin collection  that I'll be working on with Jeffrey Thomas. I think I've been too distracted with other things, but after to-day's big social doings (S. T. Joshi's annual Memorial Day Cook-out), I'm gonna chill, stay at home and get to serious work. 

I do have two books ready for publication, but both (I expect) won't be out until sometime next year. One is a complete novel set in Lovecraft's dreamlands that I co-wrote with my buddy David Barker; & ye other is a solo collection of my bestnewest work, coming out late next year from Centipede Press. As far as anthologies go, Paula Guran's MAMMOTH BOOK OF CTHULHU is just out, and my story therein is a kind of love-letter to Lovecraft's home town. I'll have a new Sesqua Valley story in an anthology of tales featuring ye legend of Gla'aki. S. T. Joshi's sequel to his fabulously popular A MOUNTAIN WALKED anthology--THE RED BRAIN: GREAT TALES OF THE CTHULHU MYTHOS--will be a book of new, all-original work, for which I have written a very strange story call'd "Pickman's Lazarus". Ye newest volume in S. T.'s legendary BLACK WINGS series should be out any day now, containing a tale of mine set in Arkham. And I have written one of my oddest stories for S. T.'s non-Lovecraftian anthology, NIGHTMARE'S REALM, to be publish'd later this year by Dark Renaissance Books. We have much weird fiction to look forward to!

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