In Collaboration with Genius

Another of ye wondrous illustrated prose-poems with art by Madam Talbot, who sign'd herself as Triangle-Slash. We did these as a series for our local rock 'n' roll rag, The Rocket, for which I also began to write cover stories about local scene freaks. Ye detail in Ashleigh's art is astounding, like that bed of thousands of maggots on which my figure reclines. I was thrill'd when one of my early Mythos stories, "Candlewax", appear'd fully illustrated in one of Ashleigh's hand-made books. There is nothing more thrilling than working on projects with outstanding artists 


  1. Amazing detail in that artwork. Wherever can one find more? I would hunt down wild zines for this one!

    1. I no longer know where one may find her artwork. You may try doing a Google search on Madame Talbot.


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