Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Is it "traditional" or just cliche?

Working on a story for my collection of Victorian Mythos fiction. Part of whut I have reads thus:

"Shutting his eyes, he tried to visualize the word mentally, and then his mouth whispered an unnatural sound: 'Yok-Sotot.'
Something seemed to clasp his skull, and although his eyes were shut, Wilfred could see strange shapes that coiled and extended in darkness. The outre things convulsed and then cemented together so as to form one unspeakable outline from which a glistening stem unwound and crawled through the blackness, to him. The lad tried not to shout as a cold moist appendage pressed against his forehead."

Even as I was typing it the words spilled into my skull, "Haven't we been here before, girlfriend?" And yet this beginning feels absolutely right for the story I am beginning to compose. This is, after all, a book of Mythos fiction; & when a book is marketed as such, it shou'd contain those plot elements that Mythos fen enjoy. Right? I want the beginning of this first to set a distinct Mythos tone; and then as I continue to write ye thing, I can work to approach the Mythos genre with as much originality as my story will allow. That's my plan, anyway. My strongest feeling is that I must write a book that will please other Lovecraftians, and therefore I need to make it Lovecraftian-up-ye-arse. So, I will continue to write in this eldritch tradition, and weave a story that will please others who thrive on Lovecraftian horror.


  1. Wilum, that is wond'rous. Thee Mythos tradition is a proud one and so should it be - your prose is so well suited to this style. That is why your Sesqua Valley tales work so well. Such a tease, though! Slimy appendages slither on! Such wonders cooked up in your dreaming brain! Are the stories being set in Sesqua? Yay for the return of ye writery Muse! :-)=

  2. Moft of ye tales will be set in unnamed cities, I think. I may have one story set in Sesqua, and since Simon Gregory Williams dwelt in the valley at that time, he will probably be featur'd therein.

  3. Victorian Mythos fiction would be very traditional, yes ;)

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