Sonic Youth - The Empty Page

Ever had that keen desire to write--& yet you can't find the "stuff" inside your noggin that lets your words pour forth? Ain't nuthin' worse than being dumb. I need to begin writing my book of Victorian Mythos fiction, & yet every paragraph I begin becomes a false start. "No, that ain't right; that isn't it." But I do not despair, I have hope that language will win out. It isn't a matter of choice for this old thing, because I am one of those people who needs to write. So, I'm gonna sit here and look at that empty page until the words spill forth...because they will, they must...


  1. Dear Wilum (a.k.a. My Favorite Living Author of Prose Fiction),

    Borrowing a bit from what I posted in the S. T. Joshi Enthusiasts group on Facebook...

    The next worst thing to you having a blank page, is being one of your devoted readers, waiting for your next published piece; to satisfy our need, nay, addiction, for more from your dream-inspired visions, made corporeal by the actions of your fingers on a ubiquitous keyboard!

    Needing a Pugmire fix today, I had to find something I was missing from my Wilum H. Pugmire shelves in my library!

    So off to Amazon dot com I went, and the first thing I added to my virtual shopping cart was "Encounters with Enoch Coffin by W. H. Pugmire," (I don't know how I had failed to purchase this earlier), and then I did a "pre-order" of the upcoming magazine, "Inhuman #6," (which Amazon has wonderfully listed as "by Wilum H. Pugmire"); so I'll have my current Pugmire addiction assuaged in two days, and my January 2017 Pugmire needs slightly mollified by your inclusion in Inhuman #6 (even if I'm saddened by your name being absent from the front cover!).

    Thank You Dear Wilum, for sharing yourself with all of us!

    The "Old One" in Fullerton,

    Will "CthulhuWho1" Hart


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