Saturday, January 7, 2017

More HPL

Above is S. T. Joshi and his lovely wife, Mary.
One of S.T.'s newest books is soon to be publish'd: Collected Fiction: A Variorum Edition: Revisions and Collaborations. The book will have a paperback edition only, and cost $25. Included will be an index to Variorum volumes 1 through 4. Ye cover art by Fergal Fitzpatrick shews Lovecraft's detested nemesis--ye typewriter.

from ye Hippocampus Press website:
"Following S. T. Joshi's acclaimed three-volume variorum edition of Lovecraft's fiction, this final collection includes al known revisions and collaborations undertaken by Lovecraft on behalf of his friends and clients. As with previous volumes in this series, the texts preserved herein scrupulously follow archival manuscripts, typescripts, or original publications, and constitutes the definitive edition of these stories.
"Since Lovecraft's customary procedure as a revisionist was to discard his client's draft and entirely rewrite the story in his own words, much of the fiction in this collection represents original work by Lovecraft, including such notable contributions to the Cthulhu Mythos as 'The Electric Executioner,' 'Out of the Aeons,' and 'The Diary of Alonzo Typer.' Supreme among the revisions in this volume is the brilliant novella, 'The Mound,' which embodies Lovecraft's satirical commentary on the Machine Age 'decadence' of his era.
"For the first time, students and scholars of Lovecraft can see at a glance all the textual variants in all relevant appearances of a story--manuscript, first publication in magazines, and first book publications. The result is an illuminating record of the textual history of the tales, in an edition that supersedes all those that preceded it."


  1. I have the first three books in hardcover. I went ahead and pre-ordered but wish it was not a paperback. Do you happen to know if this edition will include HPL's revisions of Eddy's work?

    1. Hi Mitchell, no, unfortunately not, and, apparently, Eddy's heirs refused Hippocampus the rights to publish Eddy's collaborations with HPL, which also caused, somehow, the publisher to cancel the hardcover edition of those tales. I do really regret that, because I consider this edition THE definitive edition and I would have liked to replace my Arkham hardcovers with it. Alas!

  2. "Ye cover art by Fergal Fitzpatrick shews Lovecraft's detested nemesis--ye typewriter." Very witty. Recall de Camp being very cross with Lovecraft due to that.