Monday, April 17, 2017

new stuff

I cannot now remember if I mention'd in any earlier blog ye new Lovecraftian anthology, The Children of Gla'aki, edited by Brian M. Sammons & Glynn Owen Barrrass for Darl Regions Press. The book contains all-original stories--with ye exception of Ramsey Campbell's "The Inhabitant of the Lake," in which he introduced Gla'aki--by authors such as Orrin Grey, Tom Lynch, Tim Curran, John Langan, Thana Niveau, and many others. My own tale is a wee thing of 2,200 words, in which I bring ye eidolon of this great old one to a lake in Sesqua Valley. I wou'd never have written such a tale if I had not been invited to this anthology, so my story came as a nice surprise to me. 

I have been feeling an ache to write some new Sesqua stories, but writing is bloody difficult these days. I had to bow out of an anthology of stories tied to "Pickman's Model"--I just couldn't come up with an idea, perhaps because I had so thoroughly explor'd the theme in ye story I wrote for S. T.'s forthcoming anthology, The Red Brain. I have agreed to write a new weird tale for a non-Lovecraftian book that S. T. has started to work on--and hopefully because my tale will not be Lovecraftian I can come up with an original and interesting idea. 

Here's some old videos I did concerning ye creation of Sesqua.

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  1. There are certain places in this reality that call to us as a second home. There are others, dark they may be, that have certain allure and attract us with delicious promise of poisonous things. Sesqua Valley is both. You have created a playground where absinthe-tinted fauns and nymphs gambol in graveyards and ancient haunts. I would love to read a biography of the escapades of Simon Gregory Williams and his delving into the Necronomicon. That would be an awesome undertaking for such a creature, but goodness, it would be filled with enticing dread... Keep up the contact with thee Sesquan Muse! Looking forward to more from the quill of La Pugmire, Scribe and Keeper of Sesquaniae. G. ;-)=