Friday, May 5, 2017

Thank ye, Graeme

My buddy Graeme Phillips has been publishing some of my older work in chapbook form as his contribution to the Lovecraftian apa, Esoteric Order of Dagon. He is now going to include ye above poem illustrated by Jeffrey Thomas--but neither Jeff nor I can now remember in whut small press journal it was publish'd! He plans on a print run of just 50 copies, thirty of which need to go to ye EOD; so there will be few to spare, but if he has any extras left over he wou'd like to sell them for five or ten quid @. His email is
This new booklet will be entitled Antient Dreams--and he be ye Contents:
"The Publishers From Beneath" (unpublished; written for The Eldritch Fantaisiste)
"Calling to the Hills" (Midnight Shambler 1, Feby 1988)
"Crimson and Clown White" (Version 1--Astral Dimensions 6, August 1977)
"Crimson and Clown White" (Version 2, Imelod 18, October 2001)
"Darkness in an Antient Town" (Imelod Volume 5, issue 17, Autumn/October 2000)
"The Face that Screams" (The Pnakotic Series 1, October 1995)
"Fetch" (Sozoryoku 5, March 1992)
"Her Ghost on Glass" (Fantasy & Terror 12, 1989)
"The Isolated Dead" (Sozoryoku 2, June 1991)
"Mephistopheles" (Scorpia 7, October 1972)
"The Mythos Planet" (Charnel Glyphs #7, February 1979)
"The Seashell" (Version 1, Scorpia 7, October 1972)
"The Spectre of Romance" (Lore 4, Spring 1996)
"Whispering Wires" (Space & Time 20, September 1973 
"The Winds Awaken" (Imelod 18, October 2001)
"Blocked" (publisher unknown)
"Deep Mysteries" (Myrddin 2, August 1975)
"The Grin of Death" (Inner Circle 2, 1976)
"Kurt" (The End 3, 1995)
"Martian Dreams" (Beneath Twin Moons, Running Dinosaur Press, 1980)
"My Worms" (Inner Circle 1. 1976)
"November Lust" (with Chad Hensley, Rouge et Noir 3, Fall 1992)
"A Song of Ghastly Joy" (Deathrealm 12, Summer 1990)
"The Succubus Kiss" (The End 5, April 1997)
"Upon a Lonely Hill" (as by "Brant Lundley, a fictional character I based on Brian Lumley!! Ia!!), Visions of Khroyd'hon, Summer 1776)
"Wail" (The End 2, 1994)
"Wild Shoggoths" (cannot recall if it was ever publish'd, written for Bleak December)

Dang! That's a lot of old stuff. I shall have to pinch me nostrils as I peruse it, methinks. I mean, some of it ain't stellar. The opening lines of "My Worms," for example, go something like
"I like worms, indeed I do.
I like them fat, with lots to chew."

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  1. I'm very happy to say that our mutual friend Graeme is sending a copy of Antient Dreams my way too; and I am greatly looking forward to this literary journey with you!

    Thinking of You from a very warm (and getting warmer!) Fullerton, California,