nothing can eclipse HPL for moi

I've just return'd from taking Ghostboy to work; & as I turn'd onto my street I beheld a great gathering of souls peering at ye sun. I guess, as I type, ye eclipse is about ten minutes away. I see no effects of it at all here in my dining room, where I have a large "picture window" looking out onto ye street. The sky is a pale blue in hue, and the world is uncannily quiet. So, I am going to celebrate this cosmic event by reading silently from ye cosmic fiction of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Makes more sense to blast my soul with his nameless fiction than to blast my eyesight staring at that dying globe o' fire. Ia! Ia!!


  1. My area (northern Alabama) was in the 96-97% zone, so I could definitely tell a difference. I did not watch outside, but on television and monitored the light out the window. It was as dark as on a rainy day when the lights are needed indoors to read for over ten minutes and the streetlight was on. It was almost dark for a minute or two.

    Howard himself saw a 99% one back in '32. He wrote about it to Morton. It was rainy in Providence but he was in Newburyport.

  2. Dear Wilum,
    Jean and I used our Gear VR headset to experience the eclipse from state after state in Virtual Reality; and it was good enough to provide goosebumps over and over again.
    Having your body in one place, while your head is another, never gets old, and is always uncanny.
    But I can't help wondering what Grandpa Howard would have thought of such activities...
    Can you image sticking your head into a headset, only to find "Brown Jenkin" sitting in front of you in the "reality" that you had mentally entered?
    On a different note entirely... Why is your hat on fire in the photo above? I've never known you to be such a "Hot Head!"


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