another signing & new pets

It's that time again--another signing of signature sheets at S. T.'s house. I hate signings, sorta, because I am so slow compar'd to everyone else. I mean, you shou'd see how quickly S. T. signs a stack of sheets--it's almoft inhuman. And then they all have to sit around and wait for me, ye slow-poke. If I try to speed up, my signature becomes an unruly mess. It's always fun to hang out with these guys, but I'll be glad when ye signing is over. Ye signature sheets are for Black Wings VI--I think...there have now been so many volumes in ye series I've loft count...

Although I don't really mind, I'm always getting "stuck" with animals.My oldest cat, China, was my neighbor's cat when I lived in an apartment. The neighbor had a dog that used to always mess with the cat, and so China began to come into my place through the back bathroom window, which I always kept open so that my own cat could go outside. I moved in with my mother when her disabilities made it impossible for her to live alone, and so eventually China came here as well. Then my room mate got tired of his dog, Lucia, and so he gave her to me. Then a wild outdoor cat on my sister's property had kittens, so I adopted two of them. Now my sister is suffering from health issues and needs to go into a rest home or some such place, and so I am getting the other cat and her big black dog, Thane. So--seven cats and two dogs is gonna be one loaded household. A friend has offer'd to find my sister's cat a home, but I kinda want the wee beast here with her brother and sister. 

Not much else going on. Still unable to concentrate on new writing==sigh...

with Joe Pulver and Laird Barron at MythosCon


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