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Black Wings of Cthulhu 5, ye trade pb edition of S. T. Joshi's Black Wings V, is now available from Titan Books for $14.95. This is my all-time favourite series of Lovecraftian/Cthulhu Mythos fiction and one that I am extraordinarily proud to be involv'd with. It's fascinating to see how several different writers, many of whom are not associated with ye writing of weird fiction inspr'd by H. P. Lovecraft, approach this eldritch genre. The paperback series changes the title of the books because Titan seem to have a theory that the word "Cthulhu" helps to move volumes out of ye bookstores and Amazon vaults. I have no idea if this is actually so, & the use of the name in the title is actually an error--because the point of this series is that these are not your typical Cthulhu Mythos stories (and this is emphasized in the sub-title: Twenty New Tales of Lovecraftian Horror). 

Ye Contents:
Introduction, by S. T. Joshi
Plenty of Irem, by Jonathan Thomas
Diary of a Sane Man, by Nicole Cushing
The Woman in the Attic, by Robert H. Waugh
Far from Any Shore, by Caitlin R. Kiernan
In Blackness Etched, My Name, by W. H. Pugmire
Snakeladder, by Cody Goodfellow
The Walker in the Night, by Jason C. Eckhardt
In Bloom, by Lynne Jamneck
The Black Abbess, by John Reppion
The Quest, by Mollie L. Burleson
A Question of Blood, by David Hambling
Red Walls, by Mark Howard-Jones
The Organ of Chaos, by Donald Tyson
Seed of the Gods, by Donald R. Burleson
Fire Breeders, by Sunni K Brock
Casting Fractals, by Sam Gafford
The Red Witch of Chorazin, by Darrell Schweitzer
The Oldies, by Nancy Kilpatrick
Voodoo, by Stephen Woodworth
Lore, by Wade German


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