Lovecraft and Weird Fiction--ye blogs of S. T. Joshi

S. T. has publish'd a collection of his captivating blogs. It is available at Amazon @

Although list price is $10.99, Amazon is offering it nigh for $8.45.
Ye Contents:

I. H. P. Lovecraft Today
Lovecraft's Worldwide Fame
Some Lovecraftian Projects
Editing Lovecraft's Letters
The Variorum Lovecraft
Lovecraft in the Media
Some Lovecraft Discoveries

II. Defending Lovecraft
On Roger Luckhurst
Daniel Jose Older and the World Fantasy Award
Laura Miller on Lovecraft
Charles Baxter on Lovecraft
Robert Dunbar on Lovecraft
Paula Guran on Lovecraft

III. On Weird Writers, Past and Present
Unutterable Horror
Work on Lord Dunsany
Work on Arthur Machen
Work on Clark Ashton Smith
Work on Ambrose Bierce and George St6erling
Work for Centipede Press
Work for Hippocampus Press
Work on Ramsey Campbell
Studies in Supernatural Literature
Some Worthy Contemporaries
On Scott Nicolay

IV. On S. T. Joshi
Who Is S. T. Joshi?
S. T. Joshi's Ascending Fame
Black Wings and Other Anthologies
The Fiction of S. T. Joshi
Joshi and Atheism
Varieties of Crime Fiction
Conventions and Other Destinations
NecronomiCon 2013, 2015, 2017
Joshi on Mencken
Some Other Projects
Joshi as Musician
On Book Reviewing
Brian Keene and the Joshi-Haters
Some Personal Matters

V. On General Subjects
Some Points of Grammar
The Horror of November 8
Real and Fake Liberalism

Books by S. T. Joshi
Index of Names

He writes in his current blog: "What I have done is not merely reprint whole blogs, but spliced together individual segments of various blog posts so that the development of a given title or topic are arranged in sequence so that the progress of a given project, or the course of a given discussion, can be read consecutively. This process of editing took quite some time, and I am rather proud of the result. The book contains a whopping 100,000 words and, in my humble judment, contains some of my best and most vibrant writing. It contains segments of some blogs written as recently as last month. The book is available only in a print edition, as I felt it absurd to issue an ebook, given that the material can readily be accessed online."


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