Best of Black Wings

S. T. has pofted ye contents of ye forthcoming BEST OF BLACK WINGS paperback anthology. I am so pleas'd to have one of my better stories appear therein. Ye Contents be:

"Lesser Demons", by Norman Patridge
"Howling in the Dark", by Darrell Schweitzer
"Passing Spirits", by Sam Gafford
"When Death Wakes Me to Myself", by John Shirley
"The Abject", by Richard Gavin
"Dahlias", by Melanie Tem
"Bloom", by John Langan
"Thistle's Find", by Simon Strantzas
"Houdini Fish", by Jonathan Thomas
"Artifact", by Fred Chappell
"Cult of the Dead", by Lois H. Gresh
"The Dark Sea Within", by Jason V Brock
"Night of the Piper", by Ann K. Schwader
"The Woman in the Attic", by Robert H. Waugh
"The Walker in the Night", by Jason C. Eckhardt
"The Organ of Chaos", by Donald Tyson
"Voodoo", by Stephen Woodworth
"The Shard", by Don Webb
"To Move Beneath Autumnal Oaks," by W. H. Pugmire
"Lore", by Wade German

I am uncertain if Titan Books will bring forth an American edition; hopefully, they will. It is an honour to have my stories appear in this outstanding series.

 In ye video above, the fellow who narrates pronounces Miskatonic with ye first syllable sounding "Meeskatonic," long e sound. I have always pronounc'd ye first syllable as rhyming with "mist". Discuss.  


  1. It will always be Miss Katonic for me! All the best. G.


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