plotting a new wee tale

I'm beginning work on a new Mythos tales, and I wanted in it to pay tribute to one of my favourite character actors, Reggie Nalder (pictur'd above from a role in Boris Karloff's THRILLER. So I am playing with ye idea of basing one of my characters on Nalder's "performance aura" as I have seen it in Thriller and one or two films. 

It feels like I haven't worked on a piece of fiction for a long long time; so I am looking forward to penning this--although first I need to go to Office Depot and get a new large keyboard to attack to this laptop. I cannot compose on a small laptop keyboard because I feel all cramped and have to bend over too much. 

I've look'd though those of my old notebooks that I cou'd find, fo stoy ideas jotted down and such, but have found nothing to use fo this new project--so I am going to spend ye rest of the night rereading passages from Lovecraft and dreaming dark weird dreams.

My r key is sticking on this laptop keyboard--very annoying.



  1. Dear Mr. Pugmire, Thank you for your wonderful videos especially those in which you share your memories of Providence RI. Last August I undertook my own H.P. Lovecraft Pilgrimage to RI and MA. It was an amazing and emotional experience. Thank you as well for your recommendation of the film "Out of Mind" starring Christopher Heyerdahl as HPL. What an incredible performance! Recently I purchased Sesqua Valley & Other Haunts. I am looking forward to reading your stories. Thank you again and all the best.

    1. Many thanx for your kind message and ye book purchase. Hope you enjoy the book. It's a bit uneven in quality, but it's very Mythos and moft readers find it amusing.


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