Far Between - Wilum, part 1

Remembering ye past, thankful for old friends, & delighting in ye present...


  1. Wilum, as much as I love your Sesqua Valley writings (and especially your superb prose poetry) you, yourself are a marvel. You have shown such outer strength and resilience in your life. Thank you for posting this. One thing especially you show to this weird world is that you must always stand up and be yourself. Thank you for helping me to remember that I am as Individual and 'freaky as I want to be'. Many, many blessings to you. G. ;-)=

    1. Thank ye, my dear. I think I have been molded, inwardly, by my love of Literature and such writers as Henry James and Oscar Wilde. The language of Literature continues to beguile me, and it makes me sad that something in old age has now made writing new things difficult. But I don't mind if I have actually "lost it" in regard to writing--I have written so much already.

    2. ...and what a wonderful body of work it is. Very much your own style, informed by Henry James and Oscar Wilde yet infused with your own punk sense and sensibility. I am SO looking forward to the upcoming Centipede Press collection. Keep smiling, keep dreaming dreams. Best, G ;-)=


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